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The Pitch Competition to Energize Startups & Investors
100 Companies Competing for $100K

October 11th and 12th in DC

The Event

Distilled Intelligence 2.0 is DC's event to energize startups and investors. Companies from around the world will be competing for $100K. Event attendees include angel investors, venture capitalists, strategic investors, entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, government officials, members of the media, students, professors, and of course startups.


$27+ Million has been invested into the DI 1.0 companies since October 2011

15 of the companies have participated in world class Accelerators including 500 Startups, TechStars, and

250+ jobs have been created by the DI 1.0 companies since the event last Fall

2 of the companies have been acquired


Entrepreneurs, come network with others in the industry and learn from those pitching

Students can meet local entrepreneurs and see how business is done

Family members, come support the applicants


Increase awareness and build your company's brand

Gain exposure to a large and active investment community

Companies will compete for $100,000

    SCHEDULE FOR 10-11-12

    Series A Day

    1. 7:30 AM Registration Opens/Networking
    2. 9:00 AM Opening Remarks
    3. 9:15 AM "The Speed Round" - One Minute Pitches
    4. 10:30 AM Panel Discussion: Startup Funding Update and Outlook
    5. 11:30 AM Lunch
    6. 12:00 PM "The Gong Show"- 3 Minute Pitches
    7. 1:15 PM Fireside Chat with VIP Founder: Eric Koester of Zaarly, interviewed by Andrew Warner of Mixergy
    8. 2:45 PM "The Top Ten" - Q&A with Judges
    9. 3:30 PM Networking
    10. 4:30 PM "The Final Five" - Winners are Announced and Acceptance Speeches
    11. 5:00 PM Cocktail Reception

    SCHEDULE FOR 10-12-12

    Seed Stage Day

    1. 7:30 AM Registration Opens/Networking
    2. 9:00 AM Opening Remarks
    3. 9:15 AM "The Speed Round" - One Minute Pitches
    4. 10:30 AM Networking
    5. 11:30 AM Lunch
    6. 12:00 PM "The Gong Show"- 3 Minute Pitches
    7. 1:15 PM Fireside Chat with Silicon Valley Icon: Dan'l Lewin of Microsoft, interviewed by Angie Goff of NBC4
    8. 2:45 PM "The Top Ten" - Q&A with Judges
    9. 3:30 PM Panel Discussion: Fundraising in the Age of Crowds and Angels
    10. 4:30 PM "The Final Five" - Winners are Announced and Acceptance Speeches
    11. 5:00 PM Cocktail Reception

    Tickets to DI 2.0 are available to purchase now!

    Tickets for DI 1.0 sold out last Fall – don’t miss out!

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    One Day Accelerator

    On October 10th, 2012, will be hosting this one-day event exclusively for teams travelling to DI 2.0 from over 200 miles away. One participating team will win the final spot to pitch at DI 2.0. Use promo code 200MILES to register for the Accelerator. Tickets for the Accelerator are FREE. This event will be held in Washington, DC the day before DI 2.0 starts. Here are a few topics that will be covered:

    Product Development Lean Startup Machine Fundraising Marketing and Making the News Teambuilding Doing Business Globally
    Learn About the Win8 Pledge

    Tickets, while free, are required for the One Day Accelerator.
    Tickets to DI 2.0, however, are not free but are currently available for purchase

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    Remember to use the promo code 200MILES to register for the Accelerator

    The Companies

    It has been an honor and a challenge for our team to distil the applicant companies who have applied from all over the globe! We are proud to announce our final list of 100 startups that are the Distilled Intelligence 2.0 presenting companies.


    Service Providers are invited to attend DI as Sponsors. Tickets are not available for service providers to attend unless they Sponsor. If you're interested in sponsoring, download our Sponsor Pack PDF. There was an incredible energy to DI 1.0 which was held in the Fall of 2011. The sponsoring service providers were very much appreciated by all of the attendees. Everyone understood that the purpose of the event was to energize startups and investors. DI 2.0 will have a similar and very positive energy, which will benefit service providers, investors, participating companies, and the attendees.


    Speaker Box
    Events DC
    Application Developers Alliance

    Reznick Group
    Open Path
    Morrison Foerster
    DLA Piper
    Social Tables
    One City
    Arlington Virginia

    Venture Partners

    New Enterprise Associates

    Media Partners

    Venture Beat
    Bis Now
    In the Capital
    Tech Cocktail
    Potomac Techwire

    The Community Sponsors

    Cofounders Lab
    Dingman Center
    Startup America
    Lean Startup Machine


    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the application deadline for startups?
    The deadline is 11:59PM EST on September 21st, or until maximum number of applications are received.
    Is there a cost to apply to Distilled Intelligence?
    No, it is FREE to apply to DI 2.0! Each selected company will receive one ticket for the Founder that pitches, and a free display table.
    Can additional founders attend Distilled Intelligence?
    Yes, additional founders are welcome to attend and must purchase tickets online at
    What do you look for in teams that are selected to compete?
    We like to see a team with the skills of a hacker, a hustler, and a designer.
    My team has been together for longer than a year. We’ve already tested and validated our product. It’s built and we have customers. Are we too far along to apply to pitch?
    Companies apply at various stages and DI is a two day event. Day One is for later stage companies, and Day Two is for earlier stage companies.
    I’m nervous, and have never pitched before. What should I expect?
    We will schedule “perfect your pitch” sessions with the selected companies prior to the event. You should expect mentorship, networking, camaraderie, and to bring you’re a game.
    What’s the schedule like?
    7:30 AM Registration Opens/Networking
    9:00 AM Opening Remarks
    9:15 AM "The Speed Round"- One Minute Pitches
    10:30 AM Panel Discussion
    11:30 AM Lunch
    12:30 PM "The Gong Show"- 3 Minute Pitches
    2:30 PM "The Top Ten"- Q&A with Judges
    3:30 PM Networking
    4:30 PM "The Final Five"- Winners are Announced and Acceptance Speeches are Made
    5:00 PM Cocktail Reception
    How many startups are expected to compete?
    50 Startups will compete each day. October 11th is Series A Day for companies that have raised $100k to $1 Million. October 12th is Seed Stage Day for companies that have raised zero to $100K.
    How will the $100K be presented to the winners?
    The $100k will be presented to the winners of Distilled Intelligence as an investment by affiliates of in the form of a Convertible Security. The $100,000 will be divided up between six companies (three from day one and three from day 2) in the following manner:

    First Place: $35,000
    Second Place: $10,000
    Third Place: $5,000

    The terms of the convertible security have been disclosed and acknowledged by all participants.
    What should my pitch look like? How long? Can I bring a powerpoint?
    Round one: The "Elevator Pitch" to the audience of VCs, angels, and more (1 min, no slides.) If your company is selected as one of the final 20: You will make your “Second Pitch” (three minutes to present your deck) to the audience of VCs, angels, and more. The top 10 will compete in a Q&A session and prizes will be awarded to the TOP 5! The team will be hosting "Perfect Your Pitch" seminars before the event.
    I don’t think I’m ready yet, but I’d love to watch. Can I show up anyways?
    We welcome all entrepreneurs to attend and tickets are available online at
    How do I know my idea will be safe? Will everyone sign and NDA with my company?
    Ideas are just ideas. The execution of ideas is what matters. No one will sign an NDA from the or DI team.
    I’m a service provider and would like to attend. How can I participate?
    Service Providers are an integral part of the ecosystem and Distilled Intelligence. However, service providers are only able to attend DI 2.0 through sponsorship of the event.
    I’m so excited and I want to tell the world about my startup pitch! What hashtag should I use on twitter?
    Use the hashtag #DCDI2012. You can also reach out to us any time @fortifyvc with any more questions. is an early stage venture capital fund leveraging the proven experience of our team and our network to provide portfolio companies with the community and capital they need to succeed. We have experience as serial entrepreneurs where we have built products and companies, led and managed teams, raised capital, sold businesses, and succeeded as angel investors. We are now working to share our experiences with our portfolio companies in both venture and accelerator deal structures. Our partners and mentors are matched with innovative founders as an essential part of the process at

    The Fort

    Our Accelerator is called “The Fort” and it is located in the heart of Washington, DC. The Fort is home to portfolio companies working side-by-side with mentors and VC’s in a collaborative and open workspace. Several of the companies in The Fort participated in Distilled Intelligence 1.0. The Inaugural Class graduated in June of 2012 and have since raised millions of dollars to further accelerate their growth and success.

    Learn more about The Fort and DI 2.0

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